CARI in the upcoming 5.3.0 release

The Windows DEP in Blaise 5.3.0 now supports CARI (Computer Assisted Recorded Interviewing). CARI enables audio recording during an interview. Which questions will be recorded is highly customizable using a combination of (consent) fields and other configuration settings.

cari screenshot

Audio data is AAC encoded in order to optimize the relation between audio quality and storage size. The encoded data is saved  in a server side database together with its metadata, including session, fieldname and timing information. Although SQLite is the default database, CARI supports the Blaise General Data Interface allowing you to configure any of the available DBMS.

Video Tutorial - Edit Mask

In order to offer yet another platform for help/self-training and to raise awareness for new functionality, we have made our first video tutorial.

This first video is about edit masks. The edit mask functionality has been available since the release of Blaise 5.2.5 and we wanted to show how it works.
In the video, you get a step-by-step view of how edit masks work and how you can create them.
We would love your feedback, so don't be shy and leave a comment on YouTube if you can.

We hope this video is the first of many, but only time will tell.

First version of Blaise 5 ACASI in the upcoming 5.3.0 release

Blaise 5.3.0 offers a first version of ACASI. This means that it is possible to play audio files in the data entry program(s).

The following functionality has been added to make this possible:

In the resource database editor, it is now possible to store media files outside of the resource database. To accomplish this, all media elements now have a Url property, which can be used instead of the FileName property. When a Url is specified, the media element is not stored in the resource database, but will be loaded at runtime from the specified Url. Specifying a Url will clear the FileName property and vice versa.

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Blaise 5 Layout Training at CBS - 27 till 30 November, 2017

At 27-30 November, Statistics Netherlands will organise a Blaise 5 Layout Training, which is a four-day course for Blaise developers. It will focus specifically on how to specify and apply layout using the new tools in Blaise 5. The course is especially useful for existing Blaise 4 programmers who want to know more about how to make the transition to Blaise 5, or who want to know more about the new capabilities of Blaise 5.

New for this course is that it is divided in 3 parts:

  • New in Blaise 5 (for Blaise 4 programmers)
  • Blaise 5 Layout Basic: Layout Designer
  • Blaise 5 Layout Advanced: Resource Editor

For more information, have a look at the menu Support | Training. To register for this course, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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