New bug fix release: 5.9.7

A new release of Blaise 5 ( is available on the FTP server of Statistics Netherlands.
This release is a bug fix version. It resolves an issue where the DepApp crashed when an out of range value was assigned to a number field in a 5.8 survey. For CATI, there are some changes in the XML and it fixes an issue where some timeslots were passed as Unspecified rather than Local times. Furthermore, in-depth string data is now also stored when the string length is larger than the maximum allowed size of the stringdata column and Lookups after an Open statement work correctly again.

It also resolves reported bugs in the other parts of the system.
For a list of fixed issues, check the changelog.txt file that is included in the release.

Version 1.501 of CMA is now available in the Case Management folder of the shipped samples.

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