Version released


A new release of Blaise 5 ( is available on the FTP server of Statistics Netherlands.

This version includes the following new features:

  • Manipula.
    The third version of Manipula is available. It includes:
    • Sorting
    • Second manipulate section
    • Alternatives
    • Meta data access
    • Link fields for ASCII files
    • Improved processing of huge files
    • User-defined functions
  • CATI.
     The second version of CATI (Telephone Interviewing) is now available. It includes:
    • Easier setup of CATI surveys
    • Improved Dial/Appointment surveys
    • Centralized user/group management
    • Web based CATI dashboard
    • Super appointments
    • Multi-survey environment
  • Field Properties
    Field properties can be used to store extra data for every field in your datamodel.
    You can use this feature to add remarks to your fields.
  • Table Control
    A table control has been added to the layout system. This control makes it easier to create tables.
  • Custom Error Pages
    It is now possible to have specific error pages for specific errors.
  • Session & Audit trail databases per survey
    Every survey can have its own session and/or audit trail database.
  • Security.
    We have fixed several (potential) security problems in the Web version.
  • Data Entry Settings
    Added options for saving and/or deleting session data at the end of a session
  • Templates
    Added ApplyAutomatically property for most templates.
    Some group templates have a RequireNewPage property that forces a group to start on a new page.
  • Parallels
    Added GotoParallelEnd and Finish actions.
    OnEnd event is supported for MainParallel.

In addition to these new features, we have solved many small issues.

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