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Blaise 5.4 - The June 29th 2018 release

The 5.4 version was officially released on June 29, 2018.
It is available from the official location on our ftp-server.

Some highlights of new functionality in 5.4 are:
Manipula Dialogs, support for harmless changes, data editing functionality, extended accessibility functionality and active directory support.
Check the What's New section in the Help to see all changes/additions.

Manipula Dialogs (Maniplus)

This release has several Manipula extensions. Some of these extensions allow a developer to create interactive scripts with dialogs and lookups for the management and control of data entry sessions. In Blaise 4 these features were part of Maniplus.

Important new features in Manipula include:
· Dialog section
· Edit method

Harmless changes to the data model

There is now support that allows changes in a data model that can be considered harmless in respect to already collected data. Your data files will be automatically converted to the new data model.

Data editing functionality

It is now possible to use the keyboard to navigate through a questionnaire in both the DEP and browsers. There are two modes: Navigation and Insert. Navigation lets you move between fields, Insert lets you move within fields. You can switch modes with F2. It is also possible to set the mode to None. This is used for accessibility reasons.


We have extended support for accessibility. Blaise 5.4 is WCAG 2.0 compliant. 

Active Directory

Blaise 5 now supports user authentication through Active Directory.


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