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Online documentation 5.x

The online assistant includes a full technical reference and a developers guide. New Blaise users may find useful information in the Introduction, Basic Working Procedures and Quick Start Tutorials sections. Blaise 4 users who are just starting in Blaise 5 may want to check out the Upgrade FAQ section for an overview of major changes between Blaise 4 and 5. The help pages are available online:

You can download the complete Help system to your local disk in a zip file. The help files can be extracted from this zip file and saved to a local folder. After saving the files you can explore this folder. Activate the file "blaise.chm" to start the help system.

If you have a Blaise version installed, you can optionally update your online help files. Doing this has pros and cons. The primary advantage is that newer help files include more or better information about existing features. The drawback is that the help files may describe features of recent versions, not yet available in the Blaise version you have installed. You can replace the online help files by extracting the files of the proper Blaise version to the bin folder of the corresponding Blaise installation, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\StatNeth\Blaise5\Bin', replacing the original CHM files.

Gaining deeper understanding