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Team Blaise helping CYSTAT with 2021 Cyprus Population Census

This February, Team Blaise participated in the kick-off meeting for the 2021 Cyprus Population Census. Previously, Team Blaise helped CYSTAT develop the census system for their 2011 Census, which was conducted using Blaise 4 on netbooks. Following the positive results of 2011, CYSTAT asked Team Blaise to help again.

 CYSTAT’s objectives for their 2011 Census included:

  • High quality of the collected data
  • Prompt publication of results
  • Minimized costs
  • Full and accurate coverage

To achieve these objectives, CYSTAT and Team Blaise developed the Cyprus Blaise Integrated Census System (CY-BICS).  Development commenced in 2009 and continued until 2011, with the Census beginning in October 2011. The 2011 Census was implemented using CAPI and had 800 enumerators carrying out the interviews.

CY-BICS consisted of an electronic questionnaire, a supervisors’ application, a district officers’ application and a central application. The dataflow required the netbooks to send data via a LAN connection or a crossover cable to supervisors’ computers and from there to centralized servers.

The development and implementation of CY-BICS resulted in significant cost savings, improved data quality and coverage, and the immediate availability of a sampling frame for household surveys. CYSTAT concluded, “Blaise can do everything!!!” In 2012, CY-BICS was awarded the “Innovation award 2011 for the public sector”.

For Cyprus’ 2021 Population Census, Team Blaise is involved in designing a new census system whilst reusing as much of the previous system as possible. The significant difference is the use of Blaise 5 with the Android App for tablets.

This paper from the IBUC 2012 offers detailed information about CYSTAT’s 2011 census system (CY-BICS).

Team Blaise looks forward to cooperating with CYSTAT once again.

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