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Stats NZ: beginning our Blaise 5 journey

We recently visited Statistics New Zealand to help them get started with Blaise 5. Here's what they had to say about our visit:

Stats NZ has used Blaise 4 to run our social surveys for the last two decades and, when it was time to start our Blaise 5 journey, we approached Team Blaise. Tessa Carati and Ralph Dolmans travelled to New Zealand in June 2019 to deliver Blaise 5 training and to work with us on the future design, development and deployment of Blaise 5.

The training, which was comprehensive and well-presented, consisted of 'Basic Blaise 5', 'Blaise 5 for Blaise 4 programmers', and 'Basic' and 'Advanced Layout Design' modules.

The 15 participants from across Stats NZ included questionnaire designers, applications developers, system testers, statistical analysts, methodologists and collection operations staff.

Tessa effectively worked with people with differing levels of Blaise knowledge, and offered invaluable insights into Blaise 5.

Ralph worked with a cross-functional team to produce an end-to-end Blaise 5 online questionnaire proof-of-concept. This now forms the basis on which Stats NZ will build multi-mode questionnaires.

Gaining deeper understanding