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Security updates to Blaise 5 versions

We were recently made aware of some security issues for web surveys. We have fixed these issues and as a result have released new builds for:
Blaise 5.2.5 (,
Blaise 5.3.0 (,
Blaise 5.4.9 ( and
Blaise 5.5.11 (

The recently released 5.6.5 ( build also has these security updates.

Note that to make sure you use the security updates, you will have to do do several things:

1. install the new Blaise build you want to use on your server(s),
2. create new package files for your existing surveys in the new build of the original minor version you used for that package (5.2.5, 5.3.0., 5.4, 5.5, 5.6). This will ensure that your .bmix stays the same.
3. reinstall the surveys. This can be on a server with a higher buildnumber.

You can download a document that describes these steps from the Blaise Team - Releases Project in Basecamp.

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