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Video tutorial: Using the Blaise 5 apps

This video tutorial explains how you can set up surveys in the Android app, iOS app and DepApp. It covers the settings in the server park, the settings for the users of the app and the installation of surveys in the apps, as well as how you can download pre-filled data to the device, or upload it after you are done. It also shows how you can remove the data or a survey when it is no longer needed.

Feedback is appreciated, as usual, so feel free to leave a comment on YouTube or facebook if you can.

There are no sources to go with this video. Install any survey, for instance one of the regular samples, in your own server park if you want to give it a try. Make sure to connect to your server park and log in with a user that is defined in that server park, and who has the correct rights.
Watch the video for more information.

Gaining deeper understanding