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Blaise 5.9 - The January 2021 release

Version 5.9.1 (build 2637, dated January 8, 2021) has been released.
It can be found in the usual location on our ftp-server.
New features and changes for this build include the introduction of an (Azure) Cloud server, a new data type (DateTimeType), and a ForEach action that can be used in expressions in the expression editor.

Due to an incompatibility in the web API in both Blaise 5.7 and Blaise 5.8, an upgrade button is available in the Server Manager to mitigate damage. See the Upgrade topic in the Help for more information.

Both Android and iOS have a new version available ( You can find the Android app in the Play store. The iOS app will become available as soon as the Apple store approves the app.

This build also contains a lot of minor changes or extensions to the APIs, Apps, CATI, Data (meta search path), Data Entry, Language extensions, Layout, Manipula, Resource Editor, Server Manager, some web.config security improvements, and some commandline options for several tools.

Several samples that are shipped with the system were improved and a couple of new ones were added. The CATI samples have been moved to the Case Management folder.

Please find a .pdf with instructions to get started with Blaise in the Cloud in the installation zip.

Check the What's New section in the Help for a complete list of new functionalities.

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