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Blaise 5.14 - The December 2023 release

Version 5.14.1 (build 3642, dated December 13, 2023) has been released.
It can be found in the usual location on our ftp-server alongside a zip file that contains the StandAlone executables.

New features and changes for this build include a first version of the multimode dashboard, next to the old dashboard, which is still available. Manipula has many added settings and an improved performance in four areas.  Performance has been enhanced in several other areas as well, e.g. for record reading using the IDataSet interface of the StatNeth.Blaise.API. This build also offers some CATI improvements, protocols to allow communication using REST instead of WCF, and a fallback mechanism for the data role, session role and audit trail role in the server manager.

Some extra samples for CMA as well as several samples for new functionality have been added.

Check the What's New section in the Help for a complete list of new functionalities.

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