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Teaser Manipula 5

The release of Blaise 5.0.3 will include the first version of Manipula in Blaise 5. Manipula is the data processing system of Blaise that can be used for many tasks, for instance to select data, derive new data and perform complex computations. The focus of this first version of Manipula in Blaise 5 is on automatic processing of data import and export. It supports the most commonly used file types in Blaise: ASCII text files (positional or delimited formats), XML and Blaise. The ASCII and XML formats supported are identical to the formats used in Blaise 4. The manipulation part supports all constructs that are supported by the rules section of a datamodel plus a few more.

To support development of a Manipula setup the Blaise IDE has been extended with the possibility to define a Manipula project. A Manipula setup can be developed, prepared and executed in the IDE.

see our demo movie

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