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Blaise 5 Shortcuts

With the release of Blaise 5.0.3, you will once again be able to use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions on the active field. This is particularly useful in CAPI mode, where interviewers can use Ctrl-K / Ctrl-R to put the special answer don’t know / refusal into a field. It can also be used for context-sensitive help (F1 or Ctrl-F1) on a field, or to clear the value of a field with a shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used to perform actions on the page or survey level, for instance Ctrl-P to print the current page, Ctrl-S to save the survey or Ctrl-X to abort the survey. Besides keyboard shortcuts, you can also respond to left and right swipe actions. This allows you to perform your own actions when the respondent tries to go to the next or previous page.

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