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Post-Conference Blaise 5 Layout Training (Oct 10-12, 2016)

Since many of you are here for the conference anyway, we thought it might be a good idea to offer our Blaise 5 Layout Training in the week following the IBUC, so you can combine the two if so desired. You do not need to attend the IBUC to join the course.

Blaise 5 Layout Training is a three-day training course for Blaise developers, specifically, how to use the new tools in Blaise 5 to specify and apply layout.
Statistics Netherlands has a team of trainers who have years of experience using and teaching Blaise in Europe and around the world. The course combines lectures and demonstrations with practical, hands-on exercises that students work through at their own pace. 

Prerequisites for this course:
•    Working knowledge of computers
•    Blaise 4 programming experience, and knowledge about the basics of the Blaise 4 Mode Library and the Blaise 4 Layout-section
Blaise 5 Layout Training covers the following topics:
•    Overview Blaise 4 vs. Blaise 5
•    Blaise 5 Control Centre
•    Blaise 5 Resource Editor vs. Blaise 4 Mode Library
•    Specifying the layout
      -    Templates and elements
      -    Text roles, type references, font definitions, field references
      -    Template design
      -    Languages, styles, parameters, expressions
      -    Layout sets (multi-mode)
•    Layout designer
      -    Apply and promote templates
      -    Other layout instructions (e.g. Newpage, Critical Fields)
•    Miscellaneous
Organizational details:
•    The training language is English.
•    The fee is 750 Euro. This includes a lunch around midday.
•    Participants must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. For suggestions, check the Useful information topic on the IBUC site.
•    Participants are kindly requested to bring their own laptop if possible.
•    The training address is:
           Statistics Netherlands
           Henri Faasdreef 312
           2492 JP The Hague
           the Netherlands
Please take into account that the number of students is limited in order to give students maximum attention. Subscribe in time before the training class is full (first come, first served). The deadline for your subscription is September 12, 2016.

To subscribe, contact Blaise Support at Statistics Netherlands, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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