Case Management

Q: Do you allow our own Case Management System (for apps or otherwise)?

Yes, there are hooks in the system that allow for this.

Q: Do you have a tool to automate updating for all interviewer devices at once?

No, but the Data Entry Apps can synchronize automatically.

Q: Do you have Case Management for the apps?

Yes and no. The system offers StarterKits for iOS, Android and the Windows DepApp that allow you to write your own case management system.

Q: Is it possible to add reports in Blaise detailing errors that occur on the server or remotely on devices? For CATI as well?

Notifications of unexpected system errors can be found in the Windows Event Log.

Q: Is there a way to browse forms for Interviewers to check for status?

Not in the standard DEP, but this functionality could be defined in a Custom Data Entry Application.

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