Q: Can Blaise 5 interface with our current systems using out current Blaise 4 (individual BDB) approach?

With some custom programming and data conversion this is possible.

Q: Can you run more than one version of Blaise 5 software in production (on the same device)?

No, because of the services used by the system. Only one version can run at a time.

Q: Can you use Blaise in a Cloud?


Q: Do we need to shut down Blaise Services if we want to upgrade our survey during production? What would be the consequences of this?

No, you never have to shut down your services, but it depends on how compatible your upgraded survey is with the one that's in production. If it is compatible (nothing changed to your source code or you only have harmless changes), you can reinstall the new package without issues for the respondent or data. The respondent can continue to fill out the survey, but as soon as the new meta (.bmix) is available, that will be used.

If the new survey is incompatible with the one in production, we recommend that you Deactivate the survey, and wait until there are no active sessions anymore (if your setting is "Sessions do not Expire", this will be after Server Timeout = 20 min by default). After this, make sure that you copy your collected data to another location before you install the new package, so you can later merge your data with the new data (e.g. by using Manipula). The reason for this is that the new package will require you to throw away the already collected data before it will let you install the incompatible data model. If your setting is "Sessions do not Expire", we also recommend to make a copy of (the records of this survey in) the Session Database if you want to use that data. You can manually insert that data into the new database for instance. You will lose AuxField data and Instrument State data as you cannot fill the 'new' Session Database with this data.

You can prevent the loss of data by making sure data is saved to the database when a session is quit or timed out.

Q: Does the Blaise 5 API have to be registered before using it on a computer/device without Blaise 5 installed?

Some dll's have to be registered, but not all.

Q: Is it possible to install and run Blaise 5 in a Virtual Desktop Environment (VDI)?

Yes, but you cannot get to shared locations from there.

Q: What Blaise 5 software is required on (stand-alone) interviewer devices (Manipula, DEP, Server Manager, DLL dependencies, etc.)?

You will need the .exe and .exe.config file of the programs and a few dll's (System.Data.SQLite.dll and msvcr100.dll). Notice that there a separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the dll's, and you'll have to ship the right ones to the disconnected device.

Q: What happens if a server crashes?

All data up to the last server contact will be stored in the Session Database. The Audit Trail saves information every couple of seconds, so minimal amounts of data will be lost in most cases. All cases that were already completed or saved in between are stored in the ‘real’ database (.bdbx).

Q: What is the difference between connected and disconnected surveys? How is data stored?

Connected is Client-Server based, disconnected is Thick-Client (locally on the device). Data is stored on the Data Server. Depending on the run mode, it will be sent there continually (connected) or when you connect and choose upload (disconnected).

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