Q: Can you copy-paste templates from one Resource Database to another?

Yes, you can copy-paste templates. You can also export the Resource Database, import the XML-code for other templates and regenerate the Resource Database.

Q: Does Blaise have standard layouts for smartphones and if so, do they follow the best practice in questionnaire design?

Yes, the default Resource Database has these templates, specifically for small screens (not smartphones necessarily), both in a regular and a touch-enabled version. There is no official ‘best practice’ yet. Statistics Netherlands has been testing these to see what works best, methodologically speaking.

Q: Does the standard layout incorporate modern questionnaire design and how has this been tested?

The developers have collaborated with a web designer to get some standards and where possible taken the WCAG 2.1 recommendations into account. The system offers the possibility to use device-specific controls like spinners on mobile devices and we offer date and time pickers. Controls like buttons and radio buttons are defaults that can be found everywhere, and you can adjust them to fit your needs. Some templates have been used in methodological tests as well.

Q: Is it possible to work on the same Resource Database with multiple people at the same time? If not, can you make this possible?

Yes, if you use Version Control. You may have to merge changes.

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