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Video tutorial: Runtime Shortcuts

Our new video tutorial about runtime shortcuts has just been released. This is functionality that is not yet well known, but which might be helpful for your surveys. The video explains what they are and when to use them. It also shows how you can create your own in 2 easy steps.

We would love your feedback, so don't be shy and leave a comment on YouTube if you can.

In this fourth videotutorial, we opted to show you some functionality that has been available for a while, but which does not seem to be very well known among users. It is mostly useful for interviewers, but you can give instructions in a CAWI or CASI setup, so that self-respondents will be able to use these shortcuts as well.
CTRL + M, for instance, is a shortcut that is added to the default resource database. This toggles the visibility of a Remark field, like it did in Blaise 4. You can use it as is, or change it to match your needs.

Watch the video for more information and an explanation of how you can create them and use them in your questionnaires.


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