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Video Tutorial - Edit Mask

In order to offer yet another platform for help/self-training and to raise awareness for new functionality, we have made our first video tutorial.
This first video is about edit masks. The edit mask functionality has been available since the release of Blaise 5.2.5 and we wanted to show how it works.

Edit masks are a visual clue to help the respondent understand what they are supposed to answer. E.g. when their phone number is asked, you can show an editmask that makes it clear that they need to fill in the country code as well, by showing brackets and dashes: +_ (___) ____-_____ . 
It's just a visual help, though. It does not affect the data. In the video, you get a step-by-step view of how edit masks work and how you can create them.

We would love your feedback, so don't be shy and leave a comment on YouTube if you can.
We hope this video is the first of many, but only time will tell.

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